2nd Annual Next Level Performance Conference

Coming March 2nd, 2024 at D1 Training Hardin Valley

Approved to provide 0.4 NSCA CEUs

General Information

We’re back! The  Second Annual Next Level Performance Conference – a one-day conference with speakers from all over the strength and conditioning field. Attendees will learn implementation of sports science, program methodologies & applications and ways to progress athletes training for increased performance.

Registration is $25 and open to strength and conditioning coaches, fitness professionals, college/high school sport coaches, and anyone interested in sport science. 

Attendees will learn from the following guest speakers – 

    • Wes Kitts with Be Somebody Weightlifting
      • Presentation – Olympic Lifting for Athletic Development
    • Cory Windle with D1 Hardin Valley
      • Presentation – Training the Year Round Athlete: Constraints, Methods and Solutions
    • Ryan Henry with Carson Newman University
      • Presentation – Contrast Training: Improving Movement Competency
    • (SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER) AJ Artis with Georgia Tech University
      • Presentation – Contrast Training: Improving Movement Competency
    • BONUS – Two breakout sessions on sports science technology and progressing/regressing exercises

Prior to registration, we will have an open gym lift starting at 8am. Lunch is provided. The last speaker will finish up around 3:45.

Facility Information


10258 Hardin Valley Road
Hardin Valley, TN 37932

Event Date & Time

Saturday, March 2, 2024
9:30am – 4:00pm

(865) 737-5417


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